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Olympic hopeful returns to school

April 17, 2011

 Hannah Snellgrove gave the third lecture as part of the Ballard School/Highcliffe School spring lecture series and described what life was like as a 20 year old Olympic hopeful with the 2012 Olympics now fast approaching and competition for the coveted team places intensifying.

 The audience were given an entertaining tour of how she first decided to try sailing at Ballard School, her first sailing experiences at Salterns Lake and how she had made progress through the junior levels whilst having to cope with a debilitating illness.  When describing her current training regime, it was clear to see the single minded commitment required to make progress in the sport and how a wide range of skills are required in order to train, compete and obtain financial support.  Hannah showed how she trains, records her progress and is constantly monitored as she strives for peak fitness and also peak performance to help her win the one and only place available in the Olympic team for the Laser Radial class.

Hannah is looking for further financial support to fund her Olympic quest.  Anyone who is able to help can get in touch with her through Ballard or Highcliffe School.

 Held at the Ballard Performing Arts Centre, this lecture series is a joint initiative between Ballard and Highcliffe schools and is principally designed to showcase different careers to young people.  Details are available from Ballard and Highcliffe Schools.

– End – 

Ballard School is an independent, non selective, co-educational day school for children from nursery to GCSE.  The school is based on family and Christian values and is a registered charity.  Website is

Contact: Tim Clark  Marketing Manager 01425 611153

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