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New Website launched by BBC to inspire school children

June 15, 2011

 The BBC has unveiled a unique online learning tool that is sure to be a hit with school children around the country. The BETA version website dubbed “BBC Learning Schools” is a multidisciplinary resource, with content available on a wide range of subjects.

What is unique about this online learning site, is that the BBC have ensured that students remain engaged with the content on offer by including a number of their Stars and big name characters. So, your child could be studying Geography with Barnaby Bear, solving mathematical problems with Digger and the Gang or Starship, or improving their literacy with Tracy Beaker and even Doctor Who himself.

Schools around the country are always after new ways to keep children invigorated and connected with their syllabi. Mr Alastair Reid, Headmaster of Ballard School in New Milton, Hampshire, said of the project: “This is an excellent new resource that will give children and their parents a new way to engage at home. This will never replace the curriculum, but it is a wonderful tool for students to use, especially if they want extra practice within particular subjects. Ballard School is an independent co-educational school, which prides itself on high academic standards. Our students are focused and driven to succeed, and we will of course welcome any additional tools and resources that have been designed in the children’s best interests and that will encourage them to succeed.

We have just appointed a new IT Systems’ Manager and launched a new website which, before long, will also have a ‘virtual learning environment’ allowing pupils and parents to access school work and assessment detail from their home computers.” The subjects on offer on the website at present are Science, Languages, Music, History, Geography, Art, Literacy, Maths and Numeracy, and Technology.

Of course, with the site still being in its BETA release, there are certain to be further updates and improvements.

To find out more, visit, and for more information about Ballard School, please visit or call 01425 611 153.

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