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Headmaster’s Blog 15 August 2011

August 15, 2011

Riots, Remorse and Remedies

In a week which has seen the worst riots in England for a generation, we have also seen many examples of heart warming community spirit.

The political and social ‘face’ of the UK has been changed dramatically by the outrages in London and the Midlands.  Once again we are examining our basic values, racial integration, economic policies, spiritual depths and the role of the family.  Schools are being called on to strengthen young people’s understanding of right and wrong – and we shall continue to do this at Ballard – but all is not doom and gloom.  Some of the rioters, conscience stricken, have come forward to give themselves up.  In other instances parents have taken their rebellious children to the police.  A huge sum of money has been given to support the young Malaysian robbed whilst supposedly being helped off the ground having suffered a broken jaw.  A ‘cup of tea’ campaign on social networking sites and a ‘cuddle a copper’ emphasis have gone some way to apply remedial action to what David Cameron has called our ‘sick society’.

Next term at Ballard we shall consider afresh our core values which provide the backbone to the Ballard charter.  They are all values which require action – each employs the verb ‘to be’ – but they will also need reinforcing by the wider community of parents, families and friends.  Here they are:

  • be respectful
  • be responsible
  • be safe
  • be honest
  • be positive

At Ballard we very much believe in a clear, disciplined, structure to our family community which is built on respect for others and on care for our facilities and possession.  We promote traditional manners and Christian values and trust that by reinforcing the core values listed above we shall continue to do our best, in partnership with parents to turn out well rounded and positive citizens

Alastair Reid (Monday August 15th)

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