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Headmaster’s Blog 12 September 2011 Leadership matters

September 12, 2011

Senior Prefects’ training day
Each year we seek to give our Year 11 Prefects a half day of pre-term training in leadership and teamwork skills. This Autumn we start off with 22 Senior Prefects, led by Molly Marshall and Matthew Aldridge as Head Girl and Head Boy. The training sessions involved a mixture of teaching, discussion, activities and team-building exercises. In particular, we seek to ensure that our young people appreciate the importance of being good listeners, ready to serve the School community.
There’s plenty of time in the programme to consider the practical side of regular duties and responsibilities but this day is mainly about reflection and challenge. Reflection centred around the statements of famous leaders such as Napoleon who said, ‘A leader is a dealer in hope’ and St. Bernard of Clairvaux who founded the Cistercians on the premise that ‘leaders should not take up the sceptre but the hoe’. Challenge came in the form of the team-building actvities (such as which team of four could build the highest structure made from newspapers and capable of holding up a chocolate bar!). There was also a questionnaire which allowed for a personal consideration of leadership styles.
At Ballard we believe in the importance of pupil leadership and in giving as many students as possible the opportunity to take the initiative as well as contributing purposefully to the pastoral care of the wider School community. This year’s Prefect training indicated that the new generation of Ballard leaders are very comfortable in this mould.

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