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German Exchange Day 2

April 18, 2012

All is well in Germany.  I have to say that this is one of the best groups I have brought to Germany.  They are all getting on well with their partners, making a real effort to speak German and are a pleasure to spend time with.

Today I hand over to Seb and Jamie to tell you what we got up to on Day 2…

Seb: After arriving at school at 7.45am my exchange student, Michael and I spent the first lesson doing Chemistry.  Not my best subject and definitely not in German!  45 minutes later I met up with Ben and his partner Henning and we spent the next lesson having a tour of the school.  With over 1400 students, it is considerably bigger than Ballard.  We then had an impromptu game of football and recreated the ’66 Football World Cup with us smashing the Germans.  Feeling very satisfied with ourselves, we then walked to Hennef train station to catch a double decker train to Cologne.  

Once in Cologne, we walked to the Olympic and Sport Museum via the Chocolate Museum.  At the Olympic and Sport Museum we were given a tour half in German and half in English.  We found out that the Olympics started in Olympia, Greece in around 700BC.  The stadium looked very different from today with statues and temples dedicated to the Greek God Zeus and there were much fewer games/events.  Only men were allowed to participate and they were obsessed with being naked.  Happily that has long been forgotten!  Girls were allowed to watch the games until they were 14 which was the age when they would get married and it was no longer appropriate for them to see naked men.  We found out that the Olympics were abolished in about 400AD by a Christian Emperor and they didn’t start again until the 19th Century.

We then moved on to modern day Olympics and took part in various activities from standing long jump (with weights) to reaction tests.  The Germans who were unhappy with their prior defeat then challenged us to another game of football up on the roof where we had a great view of the Rhine.  Of course we won!

Jamie: After our victorious victory we headed to the cathedral and stopped at McDonalds (very German!) on the way.  We then climbed 700 steps to get to the top of the cathedral.  The views from the top were amazing, we could see the whole city as we were so high up.  After going back down the never ending steps we spent some time shopping.  We went to the games shop and played Fifa.  We then headed back to our hosts houses by train.    


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