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Headmaster’s Blog 5 October 2012 I am thirsty!

October 5, 2012

We are in the harvest festival time of year at school. This week our Pre-Prep, wonderfully supported by our Prep School chamber choir and some senior musicians, put on a short musical (‘The farmer and the huge turnip!’) as part of their Harvest Festival service. Produce on display will go to the New Forest Basics’ bank and the funds raised through donations and the sale of items go towards the school’s community service project trip to Kenya in the summer. This was a wonderful ‘through school’ occasion as not only were there children involved from all ages in the school but they were also treated to a short presentation on the bi-annual Kenya trip which gave the younger pupils a chance to see what they could be doing with the school when they reach the senior years.

Soon we shall have the whole-school Harvest Assembly to give thanks to God for all the good things we enjoy to eat and drink. Our special theme this year will be ‘water aid’ as we consider why some people not only struggle to find water to drink but also have great difficulty finding water that is clean. The Student Council have chosen ‘Water Aid’ as one of our charities for the year ahead and so in addition to the emphasis for the Festival we shall also be considering a fancy dress ‘fun wun’ through our appropriately named and neighbouring Ballard Water Meadows. Living as we do in a country with an abundance of water (at least in recent months) we find it hard to consider what it’s like to be in a part of the world with very little water. Having spent nine years in a fairly isolated part of India I can well remember having only bucket baths and showers for the school pupils timed to three minutes maximum each. ‘Water Aid’ point out that one tap for fresh water in a village can bring this essential commodity to 480 people (about the size of the school roll) in a village in the developing world. This costs only about £370 to finance and so we are setting targets for our charitable giving in the months ahead based around this figure. Do join us in this fundraising if you can!

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