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Prefects training

October 19, 2012

An early start saw 9 prefects and Mr Reid heading to Kingham Hill School, Chipping Norton on Thursday morning for our TISCA prefects training day. The day got off to a bad start with traffic queues heading all the way up to the Cotswolds. On arrival, our first talk of the day was all about great, inspirational leaders such as William Wallace, Col Tim Collins, with Homer Simpson (used as a bad example of a leader!) We were asked to comment on how Tim Collins inspired his army and spoke the daunting truth that “There are some who are alive at this moment who will not be alive shortly.” We then all discussed about speaking the truth and being honest to our followers.
Following on from that it was break where tea and biscuits were served. Shortly after was my favourite part of the day where we got to do some teamwork activities, one of which consisted of blindfolding our teams and leaving one person with a horn who had to make up different signals by making sounds on the horn to guide out teammates through a maze. Afterwards we did a ‘bomb’ disposal exercise where communicating was the key. We then went on to do another activity where easy commands and agility were essential. Finally we had to try and get a ball into a cup that was on top of a (high) post. We struggled with this task, and as a result of failing the first couple of attempts we all started to get side-tracked and were more interested at the picturesque views surrounding King Ham School. Not surprisingly we then ended up failing this task, something we need to work on there! Then much to our delight lunch was upon us!

After lunch, we went to their animal shelter; there were some horses, rabbits, dogs and some sheep and more. Some of us were lucky enough to hold the rabbits; most of us had a go at brushing the horses! Unfortunately the sheep just ran away as you ventured towards them. Anyway, after that we went inside washed our hands and went back for another presentation. This presentation was about leadership. We went into our school groups and we had an important student from Kingham School. We had the deputy head boy; he gave us a sheet that we had to fill in. This was about our jobs and responsibilities as a prefect. After we did that, we then had to write a quick summary of what we do as prefects, ours was;
Ballard School gives us the opportunity to take responsibility and help the staff and pupils in any way possible. After break we finished the presentation and then we left for our way back to school. Overall it was a fascinating and interesting day. Thank-you very much!

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