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Venice report – Day 2

October 26, 2012

We have all had a fantastic day, beautiful sun shine and stunning  architecture. Everyone in in t shirts and shorts, unfortunately I believe the weather closes in tomorrow!

The morning was spent in St Mark’s square drawing, entire group sat in the square being admired by passers-by until as only in Italy they moved on by the police!

At special request went we went in search of Mac Donalds, which Mrs Dunn had eaten in previously a ‘few’ years ago and she believed she knew where it was……after several redirection we discovered it was closed…shame! We had to put up healthy food and ice cream.

The afternoon was spent drawing gondola’s  and watching the Queen Elizabeth sail past, how close was she! basking in the sunshine, with a bit of shopping thrown in for good measure.

We have been drawing gondolas and Isala di San Giogio Maggiore and sketching in Piazza San Marco(St Mark’s Square) just before being moved on by the police for drawing with intent!!

Looking forward to visiting the two extremes tomorrow, the Guggenheim Gallery and  then Accademia – 20th century versus 14 century.

Pupils behaviour has been excellent – a joy to be with.

Mrs Dunn

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