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Venice Report – Day 3

October 26, 2012

We woke up to, as promised, clouds and the threat of rain. This did not dampen our spirits as we made our way to the water bus. We have become dab hands at pushing onto the ever crowded water boats and making sure we are all on! We got off at Accademia and walked to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection building, which was her home until 1979.  The very first room contained a Picasso, Kandinsky, Chagall and a Calder mobile AND through the open window a view of St Mark’s square, how wonderful is that?

We got in FIRST!

A long lunch was spent drawing, trying to keep out of the threatening rain and a little shopping.

Prime location

The afternoon was spent in the Accademia, which houses the world’s best collection of Venetian art dating from the 14th Century, a fantastic contrast both in age, style and size of work. Given the sheer size of this collection the students were surprisingly interested in this very religious orientated art.

We came out in pouring rain and a damp ride to our evening meal. A pleasant evening was spent working on sketchbooks in the lounge.

Tomorrow more rain and the chance to see Venice under water, so we are told!

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