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Venice Report – Day 4

October 27, 2012

As told we woke to Venice under water, the canal has risen between 3 – 4 foot! The  water bus we had decided to use to take us to the Island of Murano was cancelled due to then boats not being able to get under the low bridges! So we changed our plans and went to Rialto market instead, but only got as far as the landing platform, as everything else was under water.  So, we caught the next water bus and went to Rialto bridge itself,  where they had erected the raised walk ways, but clearly we were going to have  a problem with the water.  22 pairs of temporary wellie boots later we were ready to tackle anything!

Make shift wellies at Rialto

A short history lesson  on Rialto bridge and the area and the students were let loose, we knew it would not be easy to draw, so we were happy that they managed.

The tide and the water went down at 2pm so we tried again to get to Murano, this time we succeeded.  We watched men glass blowing and one of the ladies talked us through the process and history of Murano glass.

Watching glass blowing demonstration

Some of the pieces of glass in their show room ranged from expensive to £110,000!!! Needless to say we did not allow the pupils and their backpacks into this showroom for fear of damage!  It was a weary band of pupils that made their way back to the hotel to get ready for their final meal.

I had told the pupils that there would be prizes for the best home-made mask and various other prizes to be decided during the week.

The best mask went to Charlotte White, the best ‘bartering skills’ went to Katie Newsom and Lauren Matthews, the best art questions asked during the week, James Smith and  Mrs Edward and Mr Dunn were asked to pick their favourite sketch of the week, which went to William Goldie and Charlotte Jupp. There were several other humorous prizes awarded.

The last supper

We understand Venice will be under water again tomorrow.

It has been a great trip and I personally have really enjoyed being with the pupils. Their behaviour has been fantastic, a credit to all.

Mrs Dunn

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