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Headmaster’s blog – Remembrance Day

November 12, 2012

Lest we forget – in silence

Some staff, prefects and other pupils attended the Remembrance Day parade in New Milton. We are very much a part of our local community and so it was good to stand with others in the locality to honour our servicemen and women, past and present.  A wreath was laid by our Head Boy and Head Girl in memory of those from our constituent schools (covering 117 years of history) who have given their lives in the service of our country.

Two days previously we held our School Remembrance Service. This was attended by all pupils from Pre-Prep age through to Year 11, by staff and by many grandparents, parents and visitors. It’s never easy communicating to those who have not had to go through the horror of war just why we are holding such a service. It’s equally difficult for those of us adults who are conducting the service, and who have also not experienced such conflict, to imagine the sacrifices made ‘for our tomorrows’. I am always amazed, therefore, by the solemn and appropriate way our whole school community marks these occasions.

Recently we have spent time in assemblies considering what it means to respect our public institutions and also how we can best show respect to each other not only in what we say and do but also in how we think, feel and react to others. In a recent assembly we had a moment of silence to consider these matters just as we also held the Two Minutes’ silence in the Remembrance Service. A lot can be ‘said’ in silence. As our senior prefects read in our ‘act of remembrance’: Let us thank God for them, and let us honour them, in silence.

Alastair Reid

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