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San Secario 2013 – Day 6

March 28, 2013

Day 6: No sun today but lots of snow. Full day on the slopes again in lovely fresh snow. Some very tired legs now though! Here are a few messages from your loved ones in anticipation of their return on Saturday. Last day on the slopes tomorrow!

Tom Rowsell: Hello mum & dad. Snow is good and it is really fun in my group. See you Saturday.
James B-N: Hello! Erm… it is quite snowy here. And the room is a bit smelly – mentioning no names!
Tom Rossi: Hi mum & dad. Miss you loads. Will be back soon. Love you.
Theo J: Hi mum & dad. Having a great time. Will see you soon. No kisses.
Maddie B-N: Hello mum & dad. The holiday is amazing. It is beautiful here. Miss you loads. Cannot wait to see you. xxxxx
Zavier D-K: Hi mum and dad. I love you. I have not spent all my money… yet! xxxxx hug x hug
Olivia D: Hi mum. Will be very surprised if you are reading this blog but hi just in case.
Sophie H: Hi mum. I broke my leg, be prepared for when I get back… NOT! Love you bye. xx
Will T-W: Having a great time.
Ben B: Hello.
Alana H: Hi mum and dad. I am not missing you but I am having a great time. I hope you are looking after the cats. Tell Jay I know he is missing me. Say hi to DiDi & I love her. See you soon. xxxxx
Maria G:Hi everyone. Miss you all. Give Typhoon lots of treats. Hope Reeve had a nice birthday. See you soon. xxxxx
Beth J:Hola padres! I am alive. Please feed the rabbit. Chocolate here is good. Can you tell Ross to feed Dave (from Olivia D). Bye. Might see you soon.
Abbie M: Hey everyone. Missing you lots but having a great time. Tell Pippa and Becks & the fish I miss them. xxxxx xxxxx
Liberty D: Hey podgy people. Hope you are all good. Miss you lots. xxx

That is all for now I am afraid. Time for bum boarding! Sorry if there were no messages from your special ones – not all were keen to be blogged!!! 🙂

p.s. If you are reading this mum – I love you lots. xxx


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  1. Leigh permalink
    March 28, 2013 10:16 pm

    Miss you too Tom, but can’t wait to hear what a fab time you’ve had! x

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