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Cornwall Art Trip – Day 3 – Drawing & Painting at Chapel Porth

October 31, 2013

It was a tired bunch that dragged themselves to the mini bus this morning for our trip to Chapel Porth, a small and winding lane down to the beach proved interesting with oncoming traffic. Due to the incoming  tide Alan asked them to draw quick sketches of the view along the beach, focusing on the tonal perspective of the headland receding into the distance. 


This was indeed quickly as we had water lapping around our feet almost instantaneously. We moved up the beach and started to work with paint, thinking about texture and colours.



All worked really well with many huge improvements in confidence and therefore their mark making ability. It was evident that we would need to move soon again, but despite my warnings, the two Charlottes, Beccy and Zoe were nearly marooned on a rock as a big wave came in and Alan’s sketchbook had to be rescued as it floated off. So we moved even higher up the beach to continue our work. The end results were impressive.
A trip up the cliff gave us a different view of the coastline and of an abandoned tin mine.IMG_6190
Being Halloween, the group dressed to kill for dinner.

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