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Call me old fashioned but…. the role of PSHE

February 7, 2014

It has been great to meet Ballard parents at our parents’ evening meetings over recent weeks. It is reassuring to have the support of parents as regards the PSHE programme and the pastoral care 12.05.08 105of our pupils. This “blogging business” is all new for me but I thought it would be useful to comment on current issues and any relevance to the Ballard PSHE programme.
Citizenship is a key element of the PSHE programme. What does it mean to be a good “citizen” in this day and age? Call me old fashioned but good manners are of considerable importance for our Ballard pupils.

Our country is often referred to as the home of good manners: I think of David Niven holding the door or Sir Roger Moore doffing his cap. Unfortunately, all too often, I question the perceived importance of good manners in our society as I witness bad manners, rudeness and disrespect. Only last week, as I travelled on a train, I was amazed by several individuals who did not seem to care that I was disturbed by the sound of their terribly loud music or constant inane, loud conversations on their smart phones. Old fashioned civility was built on a beautiful idea….I am as good as any man, yet better than none. Sociologist, Edward Shils, said, “ civility is a belief which affirms the possibility of the common good…” At Ballard etiquette, genuine courtesy and respect are highly valued. We often talk about the importance of small acts of kindness and good- hearted wishes to put others at their ease.

Andy Marshall Senior Teacher

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