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Headmaster’s Blog – 8 April

April 10, 2014

Roles reversed!alastair reid mar 14lowres
The final day of the Spring Term saw the Ballard community hold a special charity day. We collected funds for House-sponsored charities as well as Marie Curie Cancer Care by having a home clothes’ day with a difference: the pupils became staff and the staff pupils!
Much fun was had by several pupils dressing exactly like a teacher – and by a number of staff mimicking pupil dress at its best (and worst!). For an extra charitable donation a few pupils had their names drawn out of a hat so they could be a Deputy Head, the School Chef, the Estate Manager and the Headmaster for the day. This involved them carrying out all kinds of tasks from ‘meeting and greeting’ on the car parks to giving out certificates in assemblies. In the Pre-Prep it was the staff who received ‘workers of the week’ awards whilst the Head was awarded ‘citizen of the week’ and given charge of Jofli bear to take on his holidays! A few pupils were charged with teaching parts of lessons whilst some had to give out notices and instructions in the celebration assemblies. The Headmaster of the day enjoyed himself giving out Headmaster’s Tokens, including sweets (one of the best parts of the job) and was even heard to give a detention to one of the naughtiest of the ‘pupils’ for the day!
Days such as these are a tremendous tonic amidst the busyness of an end of term, not least one where a close school bereavement had brought significant sorrow (see previous blog). The day also served to remind us all about the importance of regular routine and the simple things of our daily lives. In medieval times in England, usually as part of the Christmas festivities, there would be a day when the court jester became the ‘Lord of Misrule’ and ruled as the monarch for a few hours. Apart from the hilarity this caused it was also done to remind the rulers to respect the ruled and helped the ruled to appreciate the pressures on the rulers. In some small sense we also experienced these sensations at Ballard at the end of the Spring Term.

Alastair Reid (Headmaster)

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