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Stratford – Year 8 – Day 2

July 1, 2014

Day 1

We left Ballard at 7:30 to begin our extremely long journey (Mr Marshall was well equipped with his stash of eclairs, supplied by Louis). We arrived at Blenheim Palace at 10:20 only to find a Hollywood film crew set up and actress Elizabeth Hurley strutting down the main steps into a limo. We split off Into two groups for our tours around the palace. Ballard was very inquisitive and asked lots of intelligent questions.

We then settled on the lawn in a sunny spot for our picnic lunches before going for a walk around the beautiful grounds. We had a look round the WWI exhibition, everyone especially enjoying exploring the model trench and dressing up in soldier and nurse costumes. After a quick look round the gift shop we walked (or some of us took the train!) to the pleasure gardens. We had some leisure time to run around the maze, play in the play area and buy some treats in the shop. 

We were all fairly exhausted by this point and were glad to retire back to the buses for our long journey to the National Forest YHA. After unpacking and having a run around outside, we had a yummy three course dinner before heading off to bed. 


Day 2

We had a fairly early start at 7:30 this morning in order to be ready for our day at Cadbury World! We left after a yummy cooked breakfast and after a short journey arrived at Cadbury World at 11:00, everyone ready to eat chocolate until we were sick! First we had a look around the Bourneville experience exhibition (some of us were even able to design our own chocolate packaging!). We then learnt the geography of Cadbury’s chocolate (where’s Mr Craven to answer questions when you need him?!) during a talk by one of the Cadbury crew. Once the talk had finished we had our lunch (provided by the hostel), had a play on the giant climbing frame and went off for our tour of the factory.

The tour was education and fun for all (including a fun ride, lots of free samples and some delicious smells)! We watched a 4D video, full of very interesting history and a few bumpy surprises! The tour was enjoyed by all and was finished off in the perfect way, with liquid chocolate (of course!) and our favourite toppings. We finally arrived at the huge shop and got lost in all the chocolate (Mr Marshall was disappointed as there were no eclairs!!) before heading off to Conkers.

We spent a couple of hours in Conkers, running around the activity trail and the maze until we had no energy left, even with all the chocolate we’d eaten! We then returned to the hostel to relax and have some !well-deserved dinner, (some of us even managed to have chocolate mousse!) and play ball games outside before bed. By Abigail. Louis and Cerys.. By Abigail, Louis and cerys






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