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Flagging it up- Headmaster’s Blog – September 19th 2014

September 19, 2014

Flagging it up

This blog is being written on the day that Scotland had decided to remain in the Union as a result of the referendum on Kenya party 2013 low resindependence. This is not the place to debate the pros and the cons of this issue but it is a moment to reflect on flags!

Here at Ballard we fly a different flag each day. The choice of flag is largely dependent on special occasions in the National calendar (such as St George’s Day, the Queen’s birthday, etc), a country’s national day or, failing one of these, the whim of the Headmaster. As the School has a flag for every country in the world (206 sovereign countries plus some territories, states and counties) this leaves a lot to the whim of the Head!

On Referendum day, the Head went to fly the saltire from the mast (he is, after all, a Scot but definitely a Unionist) only to be greeted by howls from the pupils and staff waiting to go out on a trip. The decision was thus taken to fly the Union flag at the top of the mast with the saltire underneath. We hope no offence was caused!

What caused me the most consternation, however, was when discussing the independence debate with a Y9 class this week and to hear their cries of concern over a possible change in the Union flag should the ‘yes’ vote succeed. No-one seemed in favour of adding green for Wales (no offence intended to the Welsh) nor of removing the blue for Scotland. There was universal support for the existing, distinctive, Union flag.

Alastair Reid (flag flying Headmaster)

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