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Prefects in training – Headmaster’s Blog – Monday 29 September

September 29, 2014

Prefects in training

At the recent training day for our senior office-holding prefects in Cheltenham, the Dean Close School Headmaster told the Prefects trainingprefects that there were three things which most Heads do:

  1. They do a lot of worrying
  2. They think a lot about the future
  3. They do things through other people

Since then I have had a good discussion with my Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies about these characteristics of Heads and we all agreed that there is much truth here not only for Heads but also for leaders of various kinds. Here in school I shared with them the concern I have for our new senior pupils to settle in well, not least the significant number joining us for the first time. They are all part of the future of our school and so I was asking the prefects to do all they can to help them settle and thrive.

Pupils are generally very loyal to their peer group but also to their school. I am always amazed how maturely our senior pupils in particular take up this desire to promote the school and to give their best to ensure pupils (and staff) are happy and purposeful. Considering our senior prefects are only 15 and 16 years of age this is quite a tall order which they universally accomplish amazingly well. If they can do it by knowing a little more how their Head feels most of the time then we are on to a winning path!

Alastair Reid – Headmaster

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