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Day 3 Rome Art Trip – Ballard School

October 24, 2014

Rome Art Trip  -Day 3

How many Ballard boys does it take to boil an egg….three, one to watch, one to time and one to offer advice…..and the result?

And the result …..eggs perfectly cooked x 3!!!!!!! Hurrah!

The day started well, and off to see the Pope.  A short walk from our hotel leads to the entrance to the Vatican Museum, a place of very long queues, and an amazing number of people.  Fortunately a pre booked timed ticket zipped us past all of that.


St Peters Basilica from the Vatican gardens was a real treat in the hot autumnal sunshine.


The Vatican is stunningly opulent and amazingly more an enormous art gallery.


Full of Rafael, Michelangelo and Caravaggio.  We were all simply ‘wowed’.  A long walk through the many galleries to the Sistine Chapel…. what can you say? It is the Sistine Chapel!

Then finally to St Peters Basilica …perhaps the most most stunning, enormous, amazing, vast, awesome, awe inspiring…….overwhelming, well you might gather the idea.

The finale was an afternoon sketching from the Bridge Of Angels, again in the glorious sunshine.


A Good dinner and then ‘entertainment’ via ‘Ballards’ Got Talent’ from the students.

IMG_7851  IMG_7852

A Good day!

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