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Rome Trip Day 4 – Ballard School

October 25, 2014

Rome Trip Day 4 – Ballard School

How many Ballard boys does it take to make a cup of Tea?

Three….yes the same three,  one to watch, one to turn the tap, one to panic on how to turn it off!  Whilst a tea was made, the ‘lake’ was somewhat large!

Coliseum in Rome

So today was the Coliseum.  Easy you might think, but, it involved the Rome underground….. getting tickets was an event, the turnstiles was an event, getting on the train was an event, getting off the train an event…and WOW!  There was the Coliseum in front of you.  Stunning.


The guide took us around this fantastic structure imparting interesting information about the building and its use. The sheer size of this building and architectural complextities was just mind boggling. From her we went to Palatine Hill where the the further amazing assortment of palaces, temples, roman forum and ruined remains were littered around only enforced the opulence of this era.


From here we went to a much needed lunch with the afternoon spent drawing in the glorious sunshine.

IMG_7955   IMG_7956  Fantastic

Fantastic weather and pupils. They have been entertaining, artistic, even those that profess not to be! A really enjoyable trip. Thank you.

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