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French Exchange – Day 2

June 24, 2015

french exchange 1Yesterday was the 15th annual Trémosports – the unique sports day that brings the whole school together for an extravaganza of fun and sporting endeavour. Each form group competes against the others in the various activities, and there is a handicapping system to allow Y7s and Y10s to compete fairly. The sports range from basketball, football and badminton to climbing on the amazing climbing wall, vortex throwing & catching, a frisbee relay and a cross-country relay. Our pupils join their penfriends’ forms for the day, and all 4 got stuck in, taking part in various sports with considerable success. (photos to follow!) They also pitched in with the other main feature of the day: each class decides in advance of the day on their “theme”, and arrive in school dressed up in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways! Yesterday we had (amongst others) vampires, hospital patients (!), African tribespeople, a class of 12 sets of twins (!), Smurfs, and the eventual winners of the “disguises prize”, a Y7 class of Minions… Including their teacher! A really great day, although pretty tiring in 27° or so… The pupils’ plan of meeting up at the pool afterwards seemed a popular one…

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