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Headmaster’s Blog on School sport – 8 September 2015

September 8, 2015

School sport – fitness, leisure, team games and individual sportsfamily fun day

This week’s Press carried a statement from tennis player Andy Murray’s mother:

Judy Murray says a radical revision of sports education in schools is needed in order to encourage more girls to take up sport. She said schools needs to have options away from traditional sports like netball and hockey, and should consider things like Zumba and Pilates.

The Independent, Monday 7th September 2015, Page: 9

Last Saturday morning we held a ‘family fun morning’ which began with Zumba and included a variety of sports including team games like hockey, football, basketball, volleyball and touch rugby and also offered more individual sports such as tennis, table tennis, croquet and gymnastics. In each case there were warm ups and an emphasis on fitness. Many girls (and boys) volunteered to get involved in these activities which now spill over into our PE curriculum and after-school programme.

Here at Ballard we certainly believe in ‘sport for all’ and also ‘sport for life’. We endeavour to offer opportunities in more unusual team sports (such as handball and softball) as a regular part of our PE curriculum. There is also a focus on personal fitness using weight training, rowing machines, advice on diet, dance and gymnastics. Thus, whilst agreeing somewhat with Judy Murray, we also offer team sports as an opportunity to learn important disciplines such as communication skills, motivational techniques, esprit de corps and how to learn from losing – and winning!

We have invested heavily in recent years into our games’ staff, facilities and PE programme to ensure that exercise remains a very important part of what we do here, trusting that good habits learned will carry each of us on beyond school into adult years whatever our gender or individual expertise.

Alastair Reid (Headmaster)

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