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Day 3 of Florence Art Trip

October 25, 2015

Not Florence at all.. we went to Venice on a day trip,  up early and clutching some very dubious packed lunches we route marched to Florence station  and caught the high speed train to Venice. IMG_1127Very nice and efficient it was too!

On arrival at Venice we were exposed to the madness of millions of tourists.  Tickets bought we boarded the water taxi to San Marco Square, where we did a quick tour of all the sights and then the pupils were given lots of time to take photo’s, sketch etc. Back on the water to see the famous Rialto Bridge, which sadly was enveloped in scaffolding and a huge sign for Diesel jeans (we assume they are paying IMG_1142for the restoration).  Then some time for shopping and absorbing the passions and culture at the heart of Venice (to include a coke or two).  Back on the water once again (which is a cultural experience in its own right!) we went to a wonderful and hearty dinner and home via the train.


Arriving back at hotel at 10pm, all very tired and sound asleep in minutes.

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