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Pre-Prep Adventures #3 -19th November 2015 – Ballard School

November 19, 2015

Years 1 and 2 have been studying Egyptian hieroglyphics this week as part of their communication topic.

In a week that has been wet and windy KG 1 have been preparing for the cold weather coming at the weekend and have been looking at, and learning about, snow and making delightful snowman pictures.

KG 2 have been having fun with the numbers 1-10 and looking at triangles. Some of their artwork has involved green triangles and red circles – all will be revealed in December!

KG2 to Yr2 children enjoyed watching our lower prep production of the Wind in the Willows. It was lovely to see the confidence of these performers, some of whom have been having additional speech and drama lessons with Mrs. Gates since Pre-Prep.

The Reception children are enjoying making their own rocket in the classroom, including special control panels made out of boxes that take them up and down, side to side and turns them in circles. The space seats are recycled from broccoli boxes. We love recycling!

2015.11.12 Recycling the Reception Way

Recycling the Reception Way!


Tweets this week:

2015.11.17 Pre-prep healthy eating dining room low res

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