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Ballard School named ISA “Healthy Eating School of the Year”

November 20, 2015

Ballard School won the ISA Award for ‘Health Eating School of the Year’ at their recent award ceremony.  The award was presented to our Headmaster at the ISA National Conference last weekend. See our tweet below

It recognises the effort and progress the school has made to provide healthy options and proactive advice, particularly in respect to sport and diet, both in the dining hall and with other innovations such as the healthy eating working group, an online database competition and revisions to match teas and packed lunches.

The Physical Education, PSHE and Home Economics departments in particular are very proactive in teaching healthy eating habits and healthy alternative options within their topic areas. In PE, it is regularly stated that general physical activity and healthy eating is the key to sporting success.

Our Pre-Prep department has a small garden and they made some yummy tomato chutney last year – and we also have a chicken club. These are just some of the different initiatives we run throughout the whole school from nursery to GCSE.

Art and food

Have you seen the fantastic art display by the Pre-Prep in our dining room? Their colourful display of healthy food lets us all know which foods we should choose. Which is your favourite food shown here?

 2015.11.17 Pre-prep healthy eating dining room low res

The artwork in the dining hall is complemented by posters all around the room – some of which are shown here. They provide relevant trivia about some of the fruit and vegetables served and who knew tomato ketchup was thought to be a medicine in the 1800s?!


A selection of the posters around our dining room –

With plans including our own allotment, Healthy eating posters created by our lower prep pupils and linking in with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in the near future, we will soon be Digging (not just serving) for Victory here at Ballard School!

We tweet @BallardSchool and we can be found on Facebook here:

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