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Pre-Prep Adventures #4 – Thursday 26th November 2015 – Ballard School

November 26, 2015

Our Pre-Prep children are just finishing off their topics and are starting to prepare for Christmas.

2015.11.25 PP space and aliens 1

Space Aliens designed and ready

2015.11.25 PP space and aliens 2

Some of our Space Alien work

2015.11.25 PP space and aliens 6

We’re ready in our Spaceship…5,4,3,2,1 , blast off!

Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 parents have visited the classrooms this week for a ‘Show and Tell’ coffee morning where the children proudly showed off all the wonderful work they have completed this term from cave paintings to space ships. This was followed by a demonstration of their PE skills led by their PE teacher Mr Winch.

Elsewhere in the Pre-Prep sparkly trees, snowmen and angels have started to appear alongside wise men and shepherd costumes! Hosanna Rock, the Pre-Prep nativity, will take place in our last week of term.

2015.11.25 playing with foam cropped

Having fun playing with foam!

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