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Berlin Cultural Trip #3 – Monday 14th December 2015

December 15, 2015

Berlin Cultural Trip #3

After the shopping trip on Monday, the group went to visit ‘Checkpoint Charlie’. This was named by the Western Allies and was the best known Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Berlin, during the Cold War.

2015.12.14 Berlin trip  (3)

What a spectacular Christmas Tree

2015.12.14 Berlin trip  (1) edit

Outside Checkpoint Charlie

2015.12.14 Berlin trip  (2)

Visiting the Berlin Wall

Dinner next – and a sneak peak on what the girls ate – looks delicious!

2015.12.14 Berlin trip  (4)

Waiting (patiently?!) for dinner

2015.12.14 Berlin trip  (5)

Dinner time – and look at that meat feast!

The day was finished off by a trip to one of the ice-skating rinks – I wonder how many people fell over?

2015.12.14 Berlin iceskating  (2)

All smiles on the ice-skating rink

2015.12.14 Berlin iceskating  (1)

Enjoying the time ice-skating

A great group shot of some of the Ballard students ice-skating – Who was using the ice-skating penguin aid?!

2015.12.14 Berlin iceskating  (3)


The final day is Tuesday 15th December and what an action packed one is to come. The group will spend the whole day in Berlin and will be visiting the largest Christmas market in Gendarmenmarkt.

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