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Our year through Twitter #1 – #Thebestof2015

December 23, 2015

Our year through Twitter #1

Ballard School embraces Twitter

This year Ballard School has increased their social presence on Twitter by going from one to four Twitter handles – @BallardSchool @BallardSport, @BallardPerform and @BallardAlumni. We use them to share on a wide variety of stories – and in this blog we wanted to share one post from each month of 2015.

Here we focus on the months January to July and if you want to see them in context, do visit out Twitter feed!

January 2015

2015.1 Yr 5 tech gravity racers

This is some of our Yr 5s in January 2015 trying out their tech gravity racers!

February 2015

February 2015 brought snow to Ballard and here we have a gorgeous picture of some of our younger members of the Ballard community enjoying the snow – with our main building in the background – it all looks like great fun was had by all!

2015.2. Pre Prep in the snow

March 2015

2015.3. Sports Ball

Getting ready for the Ball

Our annual Sports’ Ball falls in March and this year was no exception for how smart our senior pupils look. Here they are all ready for the Ball.

April 2015

‘Enjoy the Sunshine’ – in memory  of the Headmaster’s PA who died we held the annual Caz Grey memorial hockey tournament in the April sunshine. Alastair Reid, our Headmaster, was joined by family and friends to make up his ‘Al’s Pal’s team – semi-finalists this year! They don’t always look like that!

2015.4 Al's Pals for Caz memorial hockey

May 2015

2015.5 Y11 girl leavers - final day in classes

The end of classes for Year 11 comes around in May and this picture shows some of our Year 11 girls ‘Enjoying the sunshine’ in our main house lawn – dressing up (or dressing down?) our uniform is embraced by most!


June 2015

#GBBO (The Great British Bake Off) fever hit Ballard School in June and like most of the country we also embraced the challenge, Our June picture is one from our ‘Junior Bake Off’ and part of our house competition.

2015.6 junior bake off

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry ‘eat your heart out’!

and finally for this blog post…

July 2015

Our Speech Day this year was a fitting end to our school year. We had rousing speeches, guest of honour Mrs Sarah Turner spoke and the Head Boy and Girl wowed us with their summaries of the year from their perspectives.

2015.7 Speech day

Looking out into the audience from the stage in our Sport’s Hall it is clear to see they are looking forward to the summer holidays!

How to choose?!

Choosing just one picture from each month in Ballard is near impossible, as there is always something happening:

  • an award won
  • trips ventured upon
  • plays performed
  • artistic representations created
  • Pre-Prep adventures made
  • the list goes on and on…

See our next installment of our year through Twitter #2 coming soon 🙂

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