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Sports’ Report # 4 – Tuesday 12th January 2016 – Ballard School

January 12, 2016

Welcome back to Ballard School’s Sports’ Report

This term we will be having a focus for each of the Sports’ Report blogs from the Director of Sport, Mr Whitbread. The topic will change each week but in essence will be a chance to delve deeper into a certain aspect of Ballard School’s Sports’ Department. This week’s topic is Lower Prep PE.

Lower Prep PE

The pupils in Lower Prep are thriving in PE. They have so far followed units of work in Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball which are expertly taught by our fully qualified PE staff. Commitment to activities in extra – Curricular has been strong and some fantastic results in all competitions. One of the main themes of Lower Prep has been to adopt the Ballard Athletics Strategy.

Ballard Athletics Strategy

This started last term and now has developed into a flourishing Cross Country Club. This will in turn lead to the Athletics Season in the summer and will establish the Athletic Strategy all year round. Pupils were introduced to a Health Related Exercise Unit (HRE) that builds confidence in Fitness. Touching on methods of training pupils gained experience on stamina exercises, stretching and injury prevention, fartlek training (training at different speeds) and also interval training. Pupils experienced one of the methods each week. By week 5, they were ready to run and route around our fantastic site were designed to help every learner.

2015.12.08 cross country yr6 low res

Celebrating achievement at Ballard School – Cross country style


Every Child matters to us and we want to give pupils a good experience and the confidence and education of “how to stay fit” to enable lifelong learning. The pupils loved it and as mentioned we have a lot of pupils now running and training regularly. We have pupils who ran in the Lymington 3k Santa Dash, going to run the Southampton Common run and also aiming at the Lymington RNLI run in May; perhaps some will compete in the New Forest Marathon next year?!

2016.1.12 Santa Dash (3.12.2015)

A big part of our Lower Prep lessons has been the task of utilising every lesson. This includes Changing room habits and changing times within 5 minutes. We have had far less clothing go missing and also have a nice long lesson.

“The Ballard Way”

The PE department are also developing the “Ballard Way”. This encourages good warm up exercises that can be adopted independently, awareness of space in all games and also methods to encourage movement. Watch out for more!

Justin Whitbread
Director of Sport

What’s in the (Ballard) news?



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