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Pre-Prep Adventures #9 – Thursday 13th January 2016 – Ballard School

January 14, 2016

People who help us

This term our Pre-Prep are learning about ‘People who help us’. KG2 have started this topic by creating some paintings to illustrate some of the different job roles they will be learning about. The creative process develops; first from a pencil sketch, followed then by some discussion about the type of clothes each person would wear and what they might need to help them with their job.

The pictures above show some outstanding paintings of a Fireman (complete with fire hose), A Doctor, a Policeman and a School crossing control (‘Lollipop’) person. We can’t wait to see what else Pre-Prep do with their art work this term.

Spring term settling in

The children have all settled in well to the new term and have started learning about ‘People Who Help Us’. Kindergarten 2 and Reception have been thinking about the most important person that helps us – ourselves. We have been exploring how we can do even better in everything we do by thinking, listening and asking questions and have decided that if you find something difficult; if you keep trying; eventually it becomes really easy.

Yr 1 and 2 are also looking at traditional Fairy Tales and will soon be writing some of their own.

Tweets of the week

Pre-Prep do share their activities on Twitter often and this week is no exception. We had a super reply from PC Mark Walsh, one of our local Policemen.

Our Ballard Butterflies event continued this week with a Butterfly theme for the artwork created by our participating one to four year olds. Looks like a great time was had by all. Our next session is on 26th January 1345-1500 where a ‘snow’ theme is looking likely!


Lastly we look at our ‘Once upon a time’ pre-writing board with fairytales centre stage.

We blog regularly and tweet @BallardSchool. For more information on our Nursery and Pre-Prep, please follow the link here.

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