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‘Artistic Impression’ #1 – Friday 14th January 2016 – Ballard School

January 15, 2016

Our Art Department at Ballard School

Art at Ballard is renowned for its diversity, talent, quality and above all achievement. Our vibrant department covers a wide range of activities: from multi-media 3D, ceramics, silk painting, Batik, painting and drawing.

This week our Twitter feed, @BallardSchool, has featured a number of our pupil’s creations and in this our first ‘Artistic Impression’ blog we feature a number of them.

Pre-Prep art

As featured recently in our blog ‘Pre-Prep Adventures #9‘ the KG2 class have been making their own ‘People who help us’ paintings.

2016.1.13 PP People who help us (4)

Lower Prep art

Year 4 have been finishing off their autumnal oil pastel leaves. Our Facebook  page displayed a few of these and the colours shown perfectly evoke memories of autumnal walks and the colours we enjoy at that time of the year.

2016.1.8 Yr 4 autumnal png

Upper Prep art

Year 7 are looking at a variety of things all to do with the city as part of their art this term.Some are focussed on cars and transport in the city in conjunction with studying the Cuban artist Daniel Roca. Other forms are looking at perspective. We hope you’ll agree these photos show the depth of colour and vibrancy these young artists show through their paintings and collages.

Some of Year 8 are researching the artist Dean Russo before starting on their current project. Here are a selection of their art workbooks, complete with their commentary of how they have found it when copying his work. 2016.1.14 Yr8 Dean Rosso (3)2016.1.14 Yr8 Dean Rosso (4)2016.1.14 Yr8 Dean Rosso (1)2016.1.14 Yr8 Dean Rosso (2)

Senior School Art

Some of our Year 9 artists has been looking at the finer points to drawing; shading. Their theme is animals or birds. Here we have two of our young artists interpretations – and look at those eyes – piercing.


For more of our Art at Ballard, see our Twitter feed –@BallardSchool.

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