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Musical Interlude #5 – Tuesday 19th January 2016 – Ballard School

January 19, 2016

Musical Interlude returns with a song

Back to the 80’s

These next few weeks in the Music Department will be all neon, jukeboxes and hairstyles – and no, this is not what is it usually like!

Our Senior Musical this year is ‘Back to the 80’s’  – Wednesday 3 February to Friday 5 February 2016 at 7.00pm in the Performing Arts Centre.

Our stars have been practicing this weekend; here are a few ‘sneak peak’ pictures of their rehearsal.


2016.1.18 Back to the 80s preparation

‘We’re dancing on the ceiling!’ ‘Back to the 80’s!’ final preparation

2016.1.17 Back to the 80s preparation 2

Behind the scenes. Dedicated, enthusiastic, sounding awesome.


Go on, try an instrument

The Music department at Ballard School is a vibrant and busy environment. Music is taught as a specialist subject to all pupils from Kindergarten to Y9 and is a popular GCSE option in Y10 and 11. Music lessons at Ballard are sometimes used as an opportunity to try a different musical instrument,or instruments.

This week it has been Year 7s turn to try and clarinets have been the instrument of choice for three pupils- which instrument would you try?

2016.1.19 Yr 7 music class


 It’s time for a school trip (but where is the snow?)

Last week pupils from our reception to year 5 classes went to The Mayflower in Southampton to watch their production of ‘The Snowman’. While we haven’t seen any snow here at Ballard yet plenty was ‘experienced’ by our pupils on their trip.

We tweet @BallardPerform and for more information on Music at Ballard  – click here:



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