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Sports’ Report #7 – Tuesday 2nd February 2016 -Ballard School

February 2, 2016

The Ballard Way

Mr Whitbread updates us all on ‘The Ballard Way’ in this week’s Sports’ Report. We also have tweets from hockey, volleyball and on a game played nearly 100 years ago!

Further to the last blog please see the new Ballard Way Fleur de lis.


This is for promotion of the key terminology being used at Ballard in every PE lesson.

Pupils are being asked to adopt a growth mind set, with the aim to always learn something new. In each game that they play, movement is so important and pupils are being encouraged to understand unselfish movement and create space for others. This is intrinsically linked to spatial awareness.

For us at Ballard we are trying to build “The Ballard Way” to approach playing sport. This is not different to the Tika, Taka that Barcelona play or a particular style of play any team adopts.

If we keep this as a common theme from U7 – U16, we are certain that this is the way forward and will benefit us in any competition.

Justin Whitbread

Director of Sport.

In the news this week

Wessex Hockey trials continue

On Sunday we saw another of the U12s ‘Wessex Hockey’ training sessions, drawing from schools around in the area for some top coaching for these aspiring athletes. There will be some matches in the second half of the Spring term and the trial sessions are open to any promising hockey player who you feel would benefit from the experience and we already have over 30 players from 9 different schools.

Partnering with ISASport

On Thursday 25th February Ballard will host the Boys Hockey South seven and side tournament for U14 and U16. For more information do click this link.

Volleyball ‘nets’ more participants

We have an extensive after-school activity programme and sport plays a major role in the various choices. This week it was the turn of volleyball to have their picture taken.

and finally, 1919!

Ballard School takes part in the #TBT (#ThrowbackThursday) phenomenon on social media and this week we looked at one of our oldest recorded team photos – our 1st XI football team – from 1919. Not too much is known about the boys who played in this team except the boy standing on the far left – he became a future headmaster of Edinburgh House. We use this with thanks to Ian Broadway.

2016.1.27 TBT 1919 football team

L TO R Standing – S. Cruickshank (future Headmaster), Upton, Gaisford, Adams, Arundel, Harris.
L to R Seated – Walters, Saunders, Wright I, Wright II.


We tweet regularly @BallardSport and have a weekly slot on our blog. For more information on Ballard Sport from our website please click here.

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