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Pre-Prep Adventures #12 -Thursday 4th February 2016 -Ballard School

February 4, 2016

People who help us

Our ‘people who help us’ theme has continued this week with a visit from a veterinary nurse (thank you to Mrs Hunt’s daughter) for the Kindergarten classes. She chatted to the children about what she does and how we can help to keep our pets healthy. Some of the role play areas are being transformed into vets’ surgeries so look out for any budding vet procedures on pets at home!


We are hoping to have a visit after half-term from a vet who deals with slightly bigger and more dangerous animals at the zoo! Some of the children have also been able to stroke Charley, Mrs Edwards’ puppy, who came for a brief playground visit last week.


‘Charley dog comes to visit’


Pre-Prep reporters

This week the reception children have written their own newspaper. One of the eager customers was Mr Reid, who paid up (2p) and has it displayed on his Headmaster’s board. All of the children who contributed wrote out what they wanted to say and had a little help with the typing up from Mrs Edwards. The classroom was all of a chatter about news articles and what they could find in different newspapers. Maybe our budding reporters could write one of the next Pre-Prep Adventures?!


We regularly tweet @BallardSchool and you can find out more about our nursery and Pre-Prep here:





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