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Artistic Impression #3 -Friday 5th February 2016 – Ballard School

February 5, 2016

Artistic Impression #3

Blogging links with Ballard School and Lynnette Shelley

Artistic Impression reaches its third blog this Spring Term for Ballard School Art Department. Blogs like this allow our various departments to talk about the work they have been doing and to showcase some of the pieces created. Last blog our Year 9s showed us some of their portfolio work and two of the artists they are studying; Marcia Baldwin and Lynnette Shelley. Our blog linked to Lynnetts’s official website and this week we received this feedback:

2016.1.28 Art comments from blog

Comments from Lynnette Shelley’s mum on our blog


Lower Prep Art at Ballard School

Yr 4 Day of the Dead

Some of our year 4s have been studying Mexican culture and have just started making their skulls out of clay to paint next week. These photos show some of the creative process.

Yr 5 Kings and Queens

The painting of the kings and queens have finished!! Now just for the varnishing. Some of these kings and queens now sit in their ‘enthroned’ outside the Headmaster’s study  -do pop up and see them when you are passing!


When these kings and queens are finished, they pose for their photo…

and here are some of our own ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ of Year 4

2016.1.29 Yr5 Kings and Queens 4 kids and art

Upper Prep Art at Ballard School

Year 7 Cities

Watercolour and printed cities.

Our Art department explain what some of our Year 7s have been doing with watercolours and their printed cities this week:

First they used watercolours to create the backdrop for their cities. They painted the top half of their paper with warm colours to represent the sky and the bottom half with cool colours to represent water. Then they drew their city design on printing foam. They used a pencil to press firmly into the foam leaving the valleys that will be the lines when they print. Using a printing roller and black  printing ink, they coated their foam with ink and printed, then without re inking the polystyrene they created the reflection on the lower half of their picture. Don’t they look great.

We think they look superb


2016.2.2 Yr 7 cities printing  (2)

Yr 7 car / journey paintings

Year 7s have finished their car journey paintings and the colour and vibe they invoke is incredible.

2016.1.29 Yr7 Car journey paintings (1)

Yr 8 Criminal Cats

For the latest on these, do see our tweet!

We tweet from @BallardSchool and also do see our page on our website for information on Ballard School’s Art provision.


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