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Pre-Prep Adventures #13 – Thursday 11th February 2016 -Ballard School

February 11, 2016

Pre-Prep Adventures

Our video

We have been able to publish some of our clips from our recent school video. This short clip features our Pre-Prep (Nursery, Kindergarden, Reception- Year 2). More of these videos can be found on our Ballard School YouTube Channel.

This week in Pre-Prep

The Ballard Bear was awarded to two houses this week, Broadley and Wilverley who have averaged 35 house credits each.

2015.12.16 9 Ballard Bears

…Nine Ballard bears… (see our 12 days of Christmas blog post)

Chinese New Year

All Pre-Prep children have been learning about the Chinese New Year this week. Activities have included pictures of monkeys (2016 is the year of the monkey), drawing and painting dancing dragons, making tallies and transferring them into bar charts to show which year we were all born in, learning about ordinal numbers and linking them with the story of how the Emperor chose the animals that make up the Chinese zodiac.

2016.2.9 BB event Year of the monkey

Our Ballard Butterflies ‘Year of the Monkey’ pictures

Tuesday was a delicious day when many pancakes were made and eaten in Pre-Prep from KG1 to Y2. Wilverley were the winners of the Pre-Prep Annual Pancake Race!

Reception to Yr 2 had an ‘awesome’ music lesson yesterday when they composed their own tunes in the Music IT suite with Mr Prangnell.

2015.12. PP and music

A recent music lesson composing in the IT suite


We regularly tweet @BallardSchool and you can find out more about our nursery and Pre-Prep here:



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