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Artistic Impression #4 – Friday 12th February 2016 – Ballard School

February 12, 2016

Art at Ballard School this half term

The art produced this Spring half term at Ballard School continues to be of the highest standards. We have loved sharing what our pupils have made and created with you and thank you for your following and feedback with comments on our blog. Do keep them coming!

Lower Prep (Years 3-5)

Year 4 have continued to work on their Mexican masks and this week they have been painting them. The tradition of The Day of the Dead has its origins from pre-Hispanic civilizations from 2,500 to 3,000 years ago (attrib.) and is celebrated in many different ways, including with marigold flowers and sugar masks.

Upper Prep (Years 6-8)

Year 8 have nearly finished their ‘Criminal Cats’ and 6 of them would like to come and say hi… or meow…

Criminal Cats has come from a workshop Mrs Dunn did many years ago with a local artist called Emily Stracy, who specialises in ‘quirky catz’ among other things.

Year 8 had to make a cardboard armiture first (an open framework on which a sculpture is moulded with clay or similar material), then covered this with brown parcel tape, followed by a layer of newspaper papier mache and then white newsprint papier mache ready to paint, using acrylic paint.

The groups looked at Emily Stracey’s work and real cats, deciding on what colour style they were going to paint.
The fun part is always the final stage, when false eyelashes, nail varnish, collars, hats and collars are added.

Once this is finished, year 8 will be photographing their cats against a white sheet with height marking on, copying and pasting these on to their own deigned ‘rap sheet’ with paw prints, description, name, crimes committed, background details and possible pictures of victims (insects, pet fish) weapons used – carrots etc.

We look forward to bringing your their ‘mug shots’ as they are taken.


Senior (Years 9-11)

This week we get a sneaky peak into the world of our Year 11 projects and see some of the work our GCSE students are working on.

Hola! bienvenidos a España

(Hello, welcome to Spain)

Ballard School is proposing an Art and Spanish trip in the next academic year to Seville, open to our Senior students who will be in Years 10 and 11.  Here are a few pictures from their last trip to Florence in 2015. We also blogged about this trip here.


We tweet from @BallardSchool and also do see our page on our website for information on Ballard School’s Art provision.






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