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Artistic Impression #5 – Friday 26th February 2016 – Ballard School

February 26, 2016

Ballard School launches onto YouTube.

Ballard School has recently launched its own YouTube Channel. We have a variety of short videos from our school video including a short clip of our art department in action here.

For more videos, do see our YouTube channel and also our Facebook page which also has some of our more recent videos.

Year 7 Artist Workshop

The whole of year 7 were able to work with the artist Steve Porter, working on a very large mural for one of the school corridors.

2016.2.12 Yr 7 art mural project  (7)

Year 7 have been looking at all aspects of cityscapes this term (do see ‘Artistic Impression #3’ and ‘Artistic Impression #1’) and in conjunction with Steve designed and painted a bright colourful city bathed in sunshine with an abstract background.

See here below the project unfolded…

The pupils used acrylic paint and worked on the mural in stages.

Each pupil worked for about 25 minutes each throughout the day.

As you can see the final result was great and we are looking forward to Steve’s return next term to do similar projects with Yr. 4 and Yr. 8

2016.2.12 Yr 7 art mural project  (7)

Year 9 Art

Here are some of our Year 9s working away on their sketch books. Featured images include work on animals and floral work.

We tweet from @BallardSchool and also do see our page on our website for information on Ballard School’s Art provision.



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