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Sports’ Report #9- Tuesday 1st March 2016 – Ballard School

March 1, 2016

A note from Ballard School’s Director of Sport

We are now rapidly approaching the summer term. This is a really special time for Sport as it brings Athletics and Strike and Fielding games. We also cater for Tennis, Outdoor Volleyball, Sailing, Swimming and Croquet. For information, do see our Ballard School Sport page.

The plan for the summer term activities is being put together but can I emphasise the plan for Athletics. The beauty of Athletics is that there is a discipline for everyone. In lessons, we will be giving pupils an experience of Running, Jumping and Throwing, (during the half first term or second half term, depending on their teaching group). These lessons will be delivered in your child’s lesson, to improve stamina, enjoy sprinting or using a new technique for throwing and jumping. With this in mind, every pupil will have the chance to compete in the new Sports Days in June. We are looking for a “Sport for All” sports day environment, when everyone gets a chance to compete for their house as an individual, to get the opportunity to be either in an Elite, Team or fun relay and to feel included in the whole experience.

Athletics is great for all shapes and sizes, so it is important that all pupils see it as an accessible sport for them. In preparation for Athletics an emphasis on Fitness is needed, so now is the time to start. With three 3 weeks over Easter, it is s great time to prepare the body with a few runs and strength and conditioning exercises. Pupils learnt these during their Health Related Exercise unit of work before Christmas.

Justin Whitbread -Director of Sport

Ballard School Sport success

These past few weeks have been incredible for both individual and team sport at Ballard. Our Twitter feeds, especially @BallardSport, do feature these achievements, but here are some short write ups on some of the highlighted events.




We love to celebrate success at Ballard and we heard recently from one of our ex-Ballard pupils who has been selected for Great Britain Olympic rowing trials later in the month. Matt Aldridge  (2007-2012) is studying at Oxford Brookes University and has represented Great Britain in their junior rowing team. We look forward to hearing about how Matt gets on.

2016.2.27 Matt Aldridge rowing Ox Brookes

Ballard School Alumnus Matt Aldridge ( sitting at 6 with 1 being at bow ) in a recent meet for Oxford Brookes University

One of our tweets about Matt –



Ballard School hosted the ISA Senior Boys Hockey (South region) hockey tournament on Thursday 25th February 2016. Both U14 and U16 7 a side teams were in action and Ballard were the winners for both events.

2016.2.25 ISA U14 champions

ISA Sport U14 champions – Ballard School  – February 2016

2016.2.25 ISA U16 champions

ISA Sport U16 champions – Ballard School – February 2016

Some of our tweets from the event –



Cross country

On Saturday 27th February 2016 Ballard School had three pupils competing in the ISA National Cross-Country for the London West team. This was due to their previous success at the qualifying stages of the event. Very well done to all our runners who went to Rugby for their races, including our highest placed finisher – 11th – in the U14 category.


We Tweet @BallardSport

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