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Artistic Impression #6 – Monday 7th March 2016 – Ballard School

March 7, 2016

Artistic Impression #6 at Ballard

Upper Prep

Ballard activity slots

At Ballard School we offer a comprehensive and wide ranging activity option for before and after the school day. In our art department we have a variety of options for different year groups. ‘Clayworks’ and ‘Painting Surprise’ are two of those clubs.

The following photos were taken in the Upper prep (Years 6-8) and Senior (Year 9) ‘Clayworks’ club – from giraffes to Goblins!


and here is the scary finish to the Goblins –


We featured three of these as one of our #MondayMotivation tweets on our main Twitter handle – @BallardSchool



Year 7 Observational Drawing

An eclectic compilation was given to our Year 7 group as part of their observational drawing. This group includes a bunch of tulips, a toy cat, one of Mr Reid’s 10, 000 elephants (for more on this see “12 days of Ballard Christmas” blog) a statue and a cuddly toy bear, all laid on an ethnic style shawl.

2016.3.7 Yr 7 observational drawing  (1)

Our budding artists are shown here fully concentrating on the task at hand.

And here is one of the final sketch drawings

2016.3.7 Yr 7 observational drawing  (4) picmonkey


Lower Prep

Year 4

In our blog ‘Artistic Impression #3’ our year 4 group were looking at Mexican culture and has just started making their skulls out of clay with the plan to paint them the following week. Let’s see the before and after shots – aren’t they stunning!

What a transformation!

We tweet from @BallardSchool and also do see our page on our website for information on Ballard School’s Art provision.



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