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Jersey Sports Tour 2016 – Day 1 – Ballard School

March 9, 2016

jersey161The Jersey Tour 2016 began with the trip to the Airport with everything including the kitchen sink packed. After a  very ‘sporty’ flight and crosswind landing at Jersey, the children were keen to get moving and get playing. After a delicious lunch at a windy Crab Shack, the boys headed off to a rearranged indoor football tournament and the girls to the depths of the Jersey tunnels.


The boys began the football well, all the boys put it a tremendous about of effort resulting in the A and B team finishing near the top of their group.  However the C team went further and managed to win their competition! A great effort from all the boys and a fantastic win for the school. The girls had a great time at the tunnels despite the weather and enjoyed the day to the full. The scale of the effort required to build these tunnels cannot be appreciated without a visit.  After a sociable dinner everyone is keen for their bed in preparation for a busy day tomorrow. In all, a great day to begin the tour.

Mr Clark.


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