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Like Father, Like Mother? – Headmaster’s Blog – Wednesday 16th March 2016- Ballard School

March 16, 2016

Like Father, Like Mother?

2016.3.1 minibus


I recently drove a group of parent hockey players to a match in Cheltenham. It was a marvellous ‘moment’ in turning back the years. We had the player who had to be ‘sent home’ even before we left school because he had forgotten his trainers and there were those who needed ‘telling off by the Captain’ for being late. We even had a ‘bus monitor’ for litter and, yes, reminders were given about the importance of wearing seat belts. The ‘five minute toilet stop’ enroute turned into nearly 25 minutes as one of our number had decided to go for a cooked snack! As you can imagine, there was some very good ‘banter’ of the old-fashioned variety (i.e. good humoured and well received) afterwards.




On the trip there was also a conversation in the bus about which characteristics and interests – even career choices – pupils have, reflect or follow as a consequence of their parents. Children within the same family, seemingly treated the same and with similar opportunities, can turn out very differently as adults but many certainly had picked up a great deal from Mum and Dad. I also began to muse on school characteristics but the least written about this the better as our fixture, against annual opponents, became a somewhat tense affair – again!

We were also amused to note that ‘schoolboy humour’ was alive and kicking amongst this group of adults when the men, at least, joked around during the post-match showers (the least said the better about this) and then went for a superb match tea which was enjoyed sitting in and amongst our opponents. Songs in the bus on the way home revived memories of similar ‘jolly japes’ and I could see the years rolling away from these parents as they sang and also compared notes (and bruises) from the match. Very few mobile ‘phones were in sight.

So, whatever the science and sociology involved in children following after their parents, it was heartening to note that even in this age of digital devices and seeming sophistication, there is still room for the friendly gesture, remark and good natured post-match camaraderie. Now off to the pub to watch the rugby…


Alastair Reid (Headmaster)



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