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Pre-Prep Adventures #16 – Thursday 17th March 2016 – Ballard School

March 17, 2016

2016.3.16 Spring Ballard  (1)

Pre-Prep Adventures are nearing their close for this term!

Week update

With the sun shining this week it has been wonderful to see the children playing football and running around at playtime.

In the classrooms we have started ‘chitting’ potatoes to go in our vegetable garden, made birds’ nests out of toasted muffins, cheese and grapes as healthy snacks, completed the Reception Town display and painted egg cups, amongst many other activities.

Artwork for Pre-Prep

This term our Pre-Prep have been studying on the topic, ‘People who help us’. As part of their classes they have been creating some drawings and paintings to show people they have met and some who have visited us. In ‘Pre-Prep Adventures #15’ we featured a visit from a local fire officer. Do read more about it in that blog.

2016.2.27 pre prep fireman

After the visit some of our pupils have been painting fire engines and the firemen who drive them.

2016.3.16 People who help us  (3)

Fire engines from Pre-Prep – March 2016

We have also had a visit from our local Police. Do read more about this in our ‘Pre-Prep Adventures Blog #14’. Here is a beautiful drawing of a representation of a Police officer.

2016.3.16 People who help us  (2)

One final piece of artwork from the Pre-Prep town planning division no less!

2016.3.16 People who help us  low res edited

Sport Relief this Friday

Our Nursery to Yr 2 children have a chance to ‘wear sporty or red themed clothes’ this Friday (for a small donation) that will be donated to Sport Relief. There will also be a ‘nut free’ bake sale – delicious!

2015.11.18 Pre Prep painting

Here are Pre-Prep ‘wearing red’ to paint their Egyptian artwork – Autumn term 2015

Ballard School Social media

We regularly tweet @BallardSchool and you can find out more about our nursery and Pre-Prep here:



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