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Artistic Impression #7 – Friday 25th March 2016 – Ballard School

March 25, 2016

Artistic Impression #7

In this blog we feature some of our younger pupils who were inspired by the work of Paul Klee to create clay fish. We also see some more of the Year 7s observational drawing and marvel at the GCSE sketchbooks on coast lands and the forest.

Lower Prep Art (Year 3-5)

Year 3

Year 3 have finished their Clay fish based on the artist Paul Klee. In his bio by ‘The Art Story’ they note:

Klee greatly admired the art of children, who seemed to create free of models or previous examples. In his own work he often strove to achieve a similar untutored simplicity, often by employing intense colors inspired by an early trip to North Africa, and by line drawing in the unstudied manner of an everyday craftsman.

Our Year 3s have been focusing on colours and shapes, looking at complementary colours as well as harmonious colour schemes.  They have also been practicing their colour blending skills and their paintbrush techniques.

 They have used a whole variety of techniques in building and making their fish.

2016.3.18 Yr 3 Clay Fish  (2) LR

They initially made a fish shape on paper and stuck cardboard shapes inside their fish so that there were spaces in between and they tried to use their shapes to work with the shape of the fish.

2016.3.18 Yr 3 Clay Fish  (3) LR

We then built a clay wall around their paper fish and poured plaster inside to get a mold.

2016.3.18 Yr 3 Clay Fish  (1). LR jpg

They then used their mold to make their clay “Klee” fish.

 2016.3.18 Yr3 Clay Fish (4) LR

Upper Prep Art (Years 6-8)

Year 7

Our Year 7s continue with their theme of ‘Observational Drawing’. We featured this in our ‘Artistic Impression #6’ Blog

2016.3.16 Yr 7 obs drawing (2)2016.3.16 Yr 7 obs drawing (1)

Senior School Art (Years 9-11)

Year 10

They are focusing on the forest or the sea (coastlines).

2016.3. Spring Term Yr 10

They are in the middle of completing their medley double pages experimenting with a variety of different materials in conjunction with each other.

2016.3.18 yr 10 GCSE sketchbooks  (5)2016.3.18 yr 10 GCSE sketchbooks  (4)2016.3.18 yr 10 GCSE sketchbooks  (3) LR2016.3.18 yr 10 GCSE sketchbooks  (1) LR2016.3.18 yr 10 GCSE sketchbooks  (2) LR


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