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Update 2 – Ballard Senior Ski Ski Trip (Utah) 2016

March 31, 2016

Day 2 – Utah Ski Trip

After a continuous snowfall throughout the entire day accumulating up to an extra 2 feet of snow on the current 7 feet existing, its been a splendid day! And yes, glad you asked ….its still snowing! It is expected to snow all the way through until Friday, with tonight turning into a blizzard. A blizzard would equate to another 2 – 3 feet of the white stuff, along with some nasty 45 mph winds. Fortunately the temperatures remain above freezing and its rather comfortable here at the Solitude Ski resort.

All 15 pupils have enjoyed a spectacular day, despite the jet lag, dehydration and slight altitude sickness by one or two pupils. Several of the group have been in the outdoor hot tubs and swimming pool. The hot tub temperature is set at 104 degrees F and the swimming pool at 86 degrees.

Keeping it green in America! Well that’s all for now and I will add photos tomorrow. Mr W





Fact: Skiing burns loads of calories.

Fact: The Americans will make sure you get them all back and then some!

2016.3.29 Ski Trip Utah cake

And we see here… Will likes cake!

2016.3.29 Ski Trip Utah cake 2


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