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An insight into PSHE at Ballard School – May 2016

May 17, 2016
Ballard School PSHE wordcloud

Personal, Social and Health Education

We like to have ‘guest blogs’ and this week we have one on our PSHE department. This is a hugely varied subject, which has the chance to explore a whole number of issues from the headings, ‘Me’, ‘My relationships’, ‘My body’ and ‘My community’. 

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) deals with real life issues that affect children and young people; their families and their communities.  This year, the school has provided one lesson per week, for year groups 6 to 11 to explore, discuss and debate many aspects of this subject area including health, relationships, growing up, dealing with risk, career choices, study skills, citizenship and personal finance issues. The PSHE programme at Ballard is also intended to further enhance the strong pastoral care provided at the school.

What are our aims for PSHE?

Our aim is for PSHE education to equip children with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safe, productive, fulfilled and responsible lives. It is hoped that our PSHE programme encourages them to use their initiative and make careful, informed choices.  It also enables our pupils to reflect on and clarify their own values and attitudes, and explore the complex and sometimes conflicting messages they receive in the media and world around them.

The personal development of pupils is a vital part of their Ballard education. The PSHE programme of study provides a context to promote the wellbeing of pupils and, for older pupils, provide drugs, sex and relationships education. Personal wellbeing helps young people embrace change, feel positive about who they are and enjoy healthy, safe, responsible and fulfilled lives. Pupils will be able to recognise and manage risk, take increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviours and make positive contributions to their families, schools and communities.

List of PSHE Aims

* To build respect between individuals.

* To respect and celebrate difference.

* To create a personal confidence and self-belief that will allow the pupils to say “no” in a situation when it would be easier to be a bystander or to give in to peer pressure.

* To support the pupils as they make informed and sensitive choices, decisions and judgements in their relationships with others.

* To provide a supportive environment in which their fears can be addressed.

* To allow the pupils to access the information that will enable them to make informed decisions.

* To allow the pupils to develop an appropriate moral code by which they will live their lives.

* To allow the pupils to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

* To allow the pupils to develop personal resilience.

* To encourage equality by making sure that people are treated fairly and given fair chances and to recognise that the needs of individuals are met differently.

* To encourage the removal of discrimination.

* To encourage active participation, practise and reflection by the pupils for effective learning to occur.

* To be genuinely cross-curriculum programme.

* To allow the pupils to explore national and global issues.

* To build and reinforce links between School and Home.

* To prepare the pupils more effectively for life after their time at Ballard.

Ballard School PSHE wordcloud

Top 100 words in the PSHE aims by frequency

Year 6

Each year’s programme is varied and tailored to the age group with a mixture of in-house and guest speakers. Some of the topics explored this academic year include morals, bullying, good manners, emotional intelligence and leadership which was led by a local parent.

Year 7


Topics for Year 7 included racism, a healthy body, puberty, Government and the work of Members of Parliament (MPs).

Year 8

As with every year, the school year PSHE begins with Expectations, including ‘The Ballard Charter’ and some ground rules for the PSHE year. The topics for Year 8 are as far ranging as Personal hygiene, citizenship, types of intelligence, money management and internet safety. The tweet below shows one of the outside speakers from Teenage Cancer Trust.


Positive feedback from guest speakers

Last week our Year 7s and 8s had a talk from Solent Mind. Abby Crowe, Heads Up Project Co-ordinator sent the PSHE team a message, following her visit:


I wanted to email to say I have very much enjoyed attending your lovely school to deliver some workshops with your students.  I must say that they have been absolutely fantastic. Very polite and friendly and a pleasure to work with.  Their questions have been great and it has shown they have listened and understood the workshops content which is very important. I look forward to coming back and delivering some new workshops to them hopefully very soon. They are some of the best students I have worked with and you should be very proud of them.

Abby – we are very proud of them! Thank you for the feedback.

Year 9

As our pupils reach senior school, they have had, among other things a one to one interview with our Headmaster, to give them an opportunity to discuss their thoughts of options, where they see themselves working and serving the community among many other things. In February 2016 the weekly Headmaster’s Blog focused on ‘Big Questions‘ asked by our scholarship candidates  , another opportunity pupils have to have a short meeting with our senior leadership.

Topics for PHSE for Year 9 include What makes a hero?, cancer awareness, looking after a baby ‘egg’  , the media and body image and mental health. Our tweet below is when they have a talk on HIV and AIDS from The University of Southampton Medical School students.


Year 10

In Year 10 topics vary from Politics to Sexuality, writing your CVs to Drug awarness, peer pressure and stress. Last term Year 10 presented their collective knowledge about social media to each other and the PHSE staff, with a session led by a member of our marketing team. This highlighted the fact that sometimes that ‘knowledge is with the people’ and we can always learn something new every day- at least that’s what the staff present could attest to!

Another of our tweets from @BallardSchool  also from Southampton University Hospital came to talk from a medical perspective about alcohol and the choices people face.


Year 10 do seem to have the most tweeted pictures of their PSHE sessions and the next one was from one of our Ballard Alumni – Tom Gozney.

For one of Tom’s businesses – The Stone Bake Oven Company – do see the link attached.


Year 11

Finally we come to Year 11. For two terms the Year 11s have a full and varied programmes, with the summer term then taken over by exam preparation and study leave.

Despite only two terms on PSHE, topics including ‘My learner type’, mental health, pregnancy and parenthood, being British and financial management.

One of our long standing PSHE guests is Henry Schachter, a Bournemouth resident who comes to talk with pupils about his time hidden from the Nazis is a firm believer in talking with schools about his experiences.

For more information on our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) programme, please do visit our website.

Ballard School is an independent, private co-educational school in New Milton, Hampshire, providing an outstanding level of education for nursery to GCSE. With small class sizes and proven academic excellence, we strive to nurture the academic potential of all students. Learn more about our academic programmes, pastoral care, facilities and school ethos by visiting our website or by requesting a prospectus here.




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