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Off on an adventure! – Headmaster’s Blog – Wednesday 22nd June 2016

June 22, 2016

Off on an adventure!

I wonder what the word ‘adventure’ conjures up in your mind. Perhaps you think of a visit to a place to which you haven’t been. Possibly it’s a surprise present for a birthday – or a wedding anniversary. You may think of an imaginary adventure which you have read about in a book or possibly a dream you have of going somewhere once you have retired. In many cases an adventure will be to do with a journey, a place, a new beginning.

(Below we have some of our pictures from our Reflective Spaces week and blog from 2016)

I was interested to read in the Press last week that a poll had been conducted of British teenagers regarding the types of activities young people felt were adventurous. Whilst travelling and outdoor pursuits certainly ranked highly (67% and 51% for males respectively), as was overseas travel (67-68% for males / females) it was concerning to note that a significant number of 13 to 18 year olds (nearly 25%) believed they were embarking on an adventure simply by switching on a games console! Moreover, some 15% of boys and 10% of girls felt that it was an adventure staying up all night to play a computer game.

(Our recent Duke of Edinburgh’s Award trek to Wales)

I do understand that some computer games can be exciting, not least if playing with ‘friends’ across continents via the internet, but I do worry if the main thrill a young person gets is from staying in their room and dealing with ‘adventures’ remotely and digitally.

Not everyone can have the opportunity to travel the world, to climb a remote mountain and to trek through remote jungles. For some, perhaps owing to a disability, their adventure will indeed lie between the covers of a book or in meeting a new person. I do hope, however, that all will want to push the boundaries a little in their lives beyond the comfort and security of their own bedroom or front room if they are so able. What about the adventure of a new language, a new friend (perhaps through an exchange programme), a tricky additional skill (as seen at Ballard recently with the building of F1 in schools cars) or a domestic endeavour such as learning how to bake a cake or cook a meal?

Ballard Birthday Bash F1 Cars in Schools race

Getting ready.. our F1 Cars in Schools event at our recent Ballard Birthday Bash

Ballard Birthday Bash F1 Cars in Schools race

Ballard Birthday Bash F1 Cars in Schools race

We don’t all need to leave the home base for an adventure but surely we can leave the confines of our studies or bedrooms? Be adventurous!

Alastair Reid (Headmaster)

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