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#BallardNormandie – Year 6 Trip – Wednesday 29th June 2016

June 29, 2016

#BallardNormandie – Day 3


The breakfast food photo theme continues – this morning croissants and jam with hot chocolate – long live breakfast!

ce matin, croissants et confiture avec chocolat chaud! Vive le petit déjeuner!

Visit to the market in Vire

Shopping for lunch at the le marché de Saint Hilaire. The market was full of delights, as we can see from the photos! Food included ham, melon, cheese, chips, pancakes and sweets: in no particular order!

Jambon, melon, fromage, frites, crêpes et bonbons

Ballard School visit Normandie France town

Shopping for lunch at le marche de Saint Hilaire


The town of Avranches

The group then explored the town of Avranches and had a chance to practice their map reading skills…in French! While the girls are storming ahead and first on top of the ramparts, the boys are pretending to be rock stars (think Abbey Road!)

Ballard School town visit map reading skills Normandie

Map reading skills and rock stars…


French evening and quiz (with fancy dress!)

We returned to our gîtes and changed into our fancy dress outfits (as seen below!). Our French evening continues with more swimming and more football!


Visiting France would not be a visit without sampling yet more of the local cuisine… this time SNAILS!

Ballard School France Normandie Snails escargots

Miam Miam… Yum Yum… Les escargots!

We tweet from @BallardSchool under #BallardNormandie for this trip!

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