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Ballard Summer Camps – Day 6 – Monday 25th July 2016

July 26, 2016

Second week, here we come!

Ballard Summer Camps are into their second week of the five for this summer’s offer for holiday courses in New Milton, Hampshire

Today saw four different activities for the kids to be apart of; cycling, cricket, junk modelling and Lego Mindstorm and computer coding. All of these took place within the grounds of our 32 acre campus.


Ballard School Camps Cycling Junk Modellng Lego Cricket

Our four offers for today’s events at Ballard Summer Camps

Cycling a go, go…

Our group of young cyclists started off on our site, completing their Level One National Cycling Training including their assessments. This included learning how to start and stop safely, the correct clothing and safety on the roads.

One of their tasks was to conduct a safe ’emergency stop’ and one of the practice goes was captured on video – do see our tweet for all the details…

 All work and no play…

Part of the Ballard Camps day is to built in opportunities for rest. Breaks and lunches are taken in and around our main school building and if the weather suits, out on our main front lawn in front of the house. Some of our cyclists took to skipping and even the cycling tutor Mr S had his turn!

It’s junk, right?

Our junk modelling group started off the morning learning how to safely use the tools they were going to use to help them create their ‘masterpieces’. Only one of the participants had used a glue gun or wood saw before – a morning of firsts!


Ballard School junk modelling camps

Showing one of our junk modellers how to use the equipment safely


Ballard School junk modelling camps

Using the equipment safely and with a steady hand

What a masterpiece!

By the end of the day our young modellers had created an amazing array of models. From beach scenes, shelves to hold toys, a model house (complete with wooden TV, table and chairs), parts for a vehicle, train tracks… the list goes on! Junk Modelling is on offer on Tuesday 26th July, Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th August for those in Year 3-6. For more information do see our website

Ballard School junk modelling camps

We had so much fun junk modelling today!


Our cricketers had a super morning in the nets with some specialist coaching given for their technique – whether it be batting or bowling.

Lego Mindstorm and computer coding

Q: Why did the fly never land on the computer?

A: He was afraid of the world wide web.

Ballard Camps computer coding and Lego Mindstorm

Meet Rob-E the robot

Rob-E and his ‘friends’ were the first part of the Lego Mindstorm course – creating from kits these robots with a programmable brick attached to them, allowing the program used to move them into and out of corners, around the room … whatever they were asked to do.

Ballard School Lego Mindstorm

Choosing carefully for the Lego Mindstorm robots

By the end of the day the course programmers had also started using the BBC MicroBit  and were looking forward until tomorrow and another day of programming…and telling jokes!

Q:What has a video screen, a keyboard, six legs, and plugs into the wall?

A:A computer bug.

Tomorrow at BallardCamps

Tuesday 26th July there is more computer coding and Lego Mindstorm, Cycling training, Junk Modelling and Multi-Sports. Do keep an eye on our social media for pictures from then, and for the rest of #BallardCamps.

For our first blog from the summer camps, do click here.

Do find us on Facebook and Twitter

Following on from the success of the launch last year, the programme has doubled in size and includes some great new courses.  The programme features camps in four main areas – sport, arts, crafts and skills.  Alongside existing favourites such as bushcraft, cycling, ball sports, music and drama, 2016 sees new courses available in computing, junk modelling, craft workshops for jewellery, lego mindstorms, scientific modelling and much more.

Another innovation for this year are courses for younger children which include junior bushcraft (Years 1-5), fun sports, gym minis (both Years R-4) and dance (courses from Year 1).  All courses start at 9.00am and finish at 5.00pm with some courses running for half days, others for full days or multiple days. Morning sessions finish at 12.30pm and afternoon sessions commence at 1.30pm.

All the courses are run and administered by the school and will operate in the secure 32 acre grounds at Ballard in New Milton, Hampshire using school facilities.  Children will be fully supervised at all times by qualified staff who are subject to enhanced disclosure procedures. The programme starts on Monday 18th July and continues for five weeks until Friday 19th August.

Full details of the courses including charges, terms and conditions and how to book can be found on the dedicated camps website (


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