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Ballard Summer Camps – Day 13 – Wednesday 3rd August 2016

August 3, 2016
Ballard School Camps Australia camp summer

Ballard Summer Camps – Day 13

Our third blog installment from our Ballard Summer Camps  includes what has been going on ‘down under’ at the beginning of the week.

For our Week 1 Summer Camps blog and our Week 2 Summer Camps blog, please click on the links attached.

Ballard Bushwackers, bushcraft, tennis, and ‘Fun with Fabrics’ are some of our activities this week…

Ballard Bushwackers

Ballard School Bushwackers summer camp poster

G’Day mates – welcome to ‘Ballard down under’!

Our ‘bushwackers’ had a ‘ripper’ time as part of their two day adventure ‘down under’.All the activities were Australian themed; from baking anzac biscuits, making kangaroo purses to building dens and ‘camping out’ in the outback.

Ballard School summer camps Australian theme

A montage of our Australian ‘Ballard Bushwackers’

Everyone enjoyed trying Vegemite sandwiches and making and decorating their own cork hats. Crocodile and shark spoons finished off the activity day in style – they all had a ‘snappy’ time!

Ballard School Crocodile Shark

Fun with crockie and sharkie in Australia!


Our outdoor summer activity camps in New Milton continued this week in the woods. Our bushcraft crew set up camp in our woods for a three day course for basic bushcraft skills.

Ballard School New Milton woods bushcraft skills

If you go down to the woods today…

The first thing that greeted our photographer was a roaring fire, complete with a whittled stick to hang a kettle on! Some of the bushcrafters were busy creating their master sticks, complete with nicks and gouges particularly for hanging useful objects over a fire. Some of the adventure loving kids were perhaps thinking of using them as ‘weapons’ in their den building section.

Another area of the woods was cornered off and being used to construct a den to ‘defend against the enemy’ (their camp being the other side of the woods). All told our bushcraft explorers had a fantastic time – all washed down with camp-side hot chocolate. Perhaps they’d hidden the marshmallows when our photographer came, we will never know!

 Fun with Fabric

Wednesday saw the start of ‘fun with fabric’. Our crafty creators have the opportunity to make purses with felt in colours they have chosen, with complementary buttons and trimmings. Great British Sewing Bee hear we come! In the afternoon they will be making their own cushion covers!


Our tennis course found itself inside on Tuesday due to the British August weather. A game of coordination, speed, recall and reaction times was in full swing when this photo was taken!

Ballard School Tennis

And run… scattering left, right and behind the tennis nets in this game!

Ballard Camps continue next week on our creative theme with, among others, Junk Modelling, Fun with Fabric and Jewelry making.

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